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Trouble with AT&T? You have a Choice!

Some of our local residents have been experiencing a great deal of trouble with AT&T and their complaints are not being resolved.  But did you know that you can shop local and choose a local carrier who specializes in rural wireless service and actually works to resolve any issues?

I myself changed my service from AT&T to Choice Wireless two years ago.  Although I do miss my iPhone (just a little!), I use a fantastic Android phone that does everything I need it to do in order to run my business- sending  and receiving calls, emailing, and accessing apps such as Facebook.  I even have internet access for my iPad through my phone’s wireless hotspot feature. It works everywhere I go, from Albuquerque to Denver.  Most importantly, it works here.  Choice offers contract free service and a variety of phones, from simple flip phones to the Android based Galaxy S5.  They also offer a wireless “Mifi” service for internet access as well as home phone service.  Business plans are also available (contract required for business plans). Please come into our store in Pinewood Plaza, next to Hatcha’s, and we will set you up with a phone that works!  Call us at 377-2817 or browse our phones here on our website.  Thank you for shopping local!

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