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Slowly Step Away from the iPhone

I read a column in our little mountain newspaper in which a new mountain dweller  shared his tech withdrawal symptoms as a former-city-dwelling-iPhone-using-getting-things-done-in-city-time-kinda- guy.  As an Apple fangirl myself (so called by my 15 year old), I can empathize, but I’m not sure he knows all the possibilities for getting connected just a little bit faster in our little corner of the world.  Unfortunately for him, it might mean slowly stepping away from his iPhone.

AT&T iPhone users in the Moreno Valley are using their phones on an EDGE network.  They are getting about 135 Kbps on the network.  At Goodnight Electronics, we offer a 3G network for the Moreno Valley provided by Choice Wireless.  3G speed is significantly faster getting about 1.0 to 1.4 Mbps.   We offer a wide variety of Android phones for smart phone fans that provide Choice’s 3G speeds and the functions and features that hyper-productive people want.  The local coverage area is generous, covering the Moreno Valley and Taos and up to Raton in the north and down to Albuquerque in the south.  An all-inclusive package for the Android includes unlimited local calling, unlimited long distance, unlimited texting, unlimited picture messaging and unlimited data with the best speeds up to 10 mbps.  There are no contracts and no credit checks. 

Come closer and I’ll tell you a little secret… I’m still a devoted Apple fangirl.  I am hopelessly devoted to my iPad and I love all the nerdy productivity apps.  I use it with the hotspot on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.  If you are an existing Choice customer, you can add a Smartphone plan to your account and get your first month of service FREE! 

Come visit us in our showroom in Angel Fire in Pinewood Plaza, next to Hatchas and we’ll get you connected… fast!

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