AirPlay on Roku TV for Streaming in VRBO or Airbnb

I really like to recommend the Roku TV for short term rental owners who want to offer streaming services for their guests because I think it has the easiest controls and it has "guest mode" which will automatically sign guests out of their accounts after they leave.  Apple TV is an in demand streaming service and I just figured out how to cast to a TCL Roku TV, but it was a bit tricky.  I came across WeCrash, a show I wanted to watch, that is only available on Apple TV. (The first episode was pretty good.)  I found casting instructions online and spent a frustrating 30 minutes trying to cast the show to my old TCL Roku TV, old being the operative word.  I was able to cast it to my TV with a plugged in Roku Express, so I did some more searching of the interwebs and found out that AirPlay on Roku TVs is a relatively new feature.  So, you need a newer Roku TV model with Roku OS 9.4 in order to have the AirPlay feature.  Mystery solved!  Here is a handy article Roku devices with Airplay.

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