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Show me! Amazon Echo Show

I am ready to try out the new Amazon Echo Show with Alexa.  I'll be putting it in my kitchen.  Looking forward to recipes, music, shopping lists, and podcasts.  Alexa can also integrate with the Dish Hopper.  The real test- will it be able to pour me a glass of wine while I'm cooking?

Amazon Echo Show

It comes with a little quick start guide and suggests "Things to Try".  The guide tells me to try asking it how my commute is looking.  I wonder if it factors in the local herd of elk in my commute time?  If you want to know what "skills" Alexa has, here is a good starting place.  Google "Alexa skills" and you will get a lot of other good links.

You can purchase the Echo Show through our Amazon link.  We also have the Echo Show in our showroom.  If you are not looking for video, check out the smart Echo bluetooth speaker with Alexa.


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