Premium Private Physical Network
Premium Private Physical Network
Premium Private Physical Network
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Premium Private Physical Network

Regular price $375.00

WiFi 6 access point, network switch, two TP-Link wireline adapters

What would a physical network do for me? You will have your own hardware for your internet and can connect wired or wireless devices. This is a private highway for your network traffic.  You won't share the road with your neighbors.  This also allows you to connect devices with an ethernet cable or a powerline adapter.  Hardwired connections can be more stable (like for a streaming TV). Sometimes people who work from home (or work on vacation) need to have a hardwired connection for security for their work computer. For tech support purposes, this will allow us to quickly identify your device for any troubleshooting needs without you having to figure out the MAC address and where in the entire community network you are connected.  This option will also reduce potential network conflicts (traffic jams that cause slow speeds and buffering).  If you choose this one time upgrade option, you will need to also choose a monthly tech support plan.

Equipment and Activation:

$375 one time charge. Installation and programming. (Why does the premium seem so much more expensive than other upgrades?  Because this is the most labor intensive option which will require the most in terms of reconfiguring the layout of the existing wiring and hardware.)

We will set up and connect (hard-wired) one streaming TV for free!

$39 for each additional wired device

You will get a unique private network name and a unique password.

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