Dish TV for Condominiums

Hello Condominium Owners,

We have contracted with several condominium properties in Angel Fire and soon you will be watching crystal clear high definition TV programming and have access to more of your favorite channels.  You may have already seen our technician, Josh from Goodnight Electronics, starting the installation of your new property wide Dish satellite TV system. 

The property has purchased bulk programming that will be available to the entire property.  We will email you your channel guide.  Additionally, the HOA has purchased one dual tuner receiver for each unit.  The dual tuner receiver has the capability of delivering programming to TWO TV locations.  We are under contract to install one TV location per unit.  If you wish to have any additional TV locations beyond the one that has already been paid for installed in your unit, following are the available configuration prices.  These prices are for labor and receivers. The TV count includes the first free one, so choose the total number of TVs you will have in your unit (including the free one) to know what your one time cost will be:

2 TVs, one in high definition and one in standard definition: $79

2 TVs, both in high definition: $179

3 TVs, two in high definition and one in standard definition: $258

3 TVs, all three in high definition: $358

4 TVs, two in high definition and two in standard definition: $462

4 TVs, all four in high definition: $612

Please note that having HD programming at every location is more expensive because extra satellite receivers are necessary.  2nd and 4th standard definition TV locations do not require extra satellite receivers because we can use “dual tuner” receivers for this configuration.

The charges listed above for equipment and labor are a one time cost.  If you do choose to have additional receivers in your unit beyond the first one that has been provided, you will be charged $7 per month per receiver.  That charge will be on your quarterly HOA dues.  The only ongoing charge to you is for any extra receivers.  The monthly programming is paid for by the HOA.

To place an order to have additional TVs connected, you can call our office at 575-377-2817 and speak to Jessica or you can order and pay for your additional TV connections by clicking on your desired configuration below.  Place your order and we will take care of it!

If you only wish to have one TV in your unit connected, no further action or contact is required from you. If you have further questions or are interested in a configuration or equipment we have not listed, please call our office at 575-377-2817.

We look forward to providing you excellent entertainment from Dish Network!