Tech Manager: Base Rate STR Tech Manager
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Tech Manager: Base Rate STR Tech Manager

Regular price $35.00

Base rate + per booking: $35 per month base rate, $20 per booking

STR Network Services:

We will monitor your network for uptime, identifying and fixing problems before they become serious, perform firmware updates (important for security), and implement QoS (quality of service), which allows us to prioritize certain types of network traffic, and change passwords for each set of new guests.

STR Tech Support:

24/7 self serve tech support, live technicians and engineers during business hours, and advanced troubleshooting for your personal use and for paying guests.  Our chat and self serve tech support portal is available 24/7 and will resolve many common technical issues and if you or a guest need further assistance, you can report your problem and schedule a phone appointment with a technician.  Our team of live technicians and advanced support engineers are available by appointment with flexible hours to do advanced troubleshooting on your network and devices.  If your problem cannot be resolved remotely, we will send out a technician for an in person service call at an affordable cost.

STR Tech Concierge:

We can connect with your rental calendar or you can email/text guest information to us manually.  We will email or text new guests, depending on their preference, with a unique WiFi password, specialized tech instructions (that will be set up based on your property profile), and the support phone number & chat.  If necessary, we will reset devices upon leaving (e.g. Roku guest mode).  Upon check out, guests will receive a thank you email with review link and direct booking link if applicable.  Owners will also receive a helpful monthly e-newsletter with tech tips and information just for short term rental owners.

$35 tech visits- helping guests with tech (streaming, satellite TV, connecting phone, etc.) or helping owner set up new tech (cameras, video doorbells, smart thermostat, etc.) Please see the complete list of available services and terms.

 *** STR Tech Manager includes support for satellite TV systems, if applicable.

There are two options for starting this monthly STR Base Rate Tech Manager plan.  You can fill out this Network Upgrades form and make your plan choice OR you can purchase the 1st month of service here on the website.  You will then be emailed set up questions, an agreement with full terms of service for your signature, and an automatic payment form.

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