Tech Manager: Basic Network Service and Support
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Tech Manager: Basic Network Service and Support

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$10 per month

Basic Network Services:

We will monitor your network for uptime, identifying and fixing problems before they become serious, perform firmware updates (important for security), and implement QoS (quality of service), which allows us to prioritize certain types of network traffic. Basic network services does not allow for changing passwords if you are using the community WiFi. If you have upgraded to a private network, we can change passwords for you, but it is a billable service.

Basic Tech Support:

This is the plan for DIY’ers, cost-cutters, and those who wish to use the community’s excellent existing WiFi network and opt out of a private network.  If you have an upgraded physical or virtual private network, you may also choose this plan, but any live chat or phone support will be billable (live assistance is included in the Essentials plan at no extra charge and we do recommend the Essentials Plan if you have an upgraded private network). This plan will receive Basic Network Services, but you will not have the ability to request new passwords if you are on the community WiFi.  Our automated chat and self serve tech support portal is available to you 24/7 for free.  Live chat or phone support is available for troubleshooting tech (conditions apply) or requesting new passwords if you have a private network; pricing is below.    In person tech visits are available as outlined below. Please see the complete list of available services and terms.

Basic Plan In Person Tech Visits and Phone/Chat Support:

$75 tech visits- helping owner, family, or guest with tech (streaming, satellite TV, connecting smart phone, etc.) or helping owner set up new tech (cameras, video doorbells, smart thermostat, etc.)  This is a tech visit for one device type. Please see the complete list of available services and terms. 

$15 STR, VRBO, or Airbnb guest tech support, per call or live chat. This charge will be added to the following month’s bill.  You will be provided with a personal code when you sign up for the Basic Plan that authorizes tech support calls.

There are two options for starting this monthly Tech Manager Basic plan.  You can fill out this Network Upgrades form and make your plan choice OR you can purchase the 1st month of service here on the website.  You will then be emailed set up questions, an agreement with full terms of service for your signature, and an automatic payment form.

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