Tech Manager: Satellite Television Support Add-On
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Tech Manager: Satellite Television Support Add-On

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$10 per month

This is an add on service for those with satellite television systems, either an HOA provided system or an individual account.  (This service is already included in the STR Tech Manager plan.)  You will have access to a tech support portal that will address common issues.  Phone and chat support is available.  Basic services are available at no extra charge, such as: sending “hits” to dormant receivers, programming a remote, turning on a power inserter, or changing a TV to the correct input.  There is a technician visit fee of $75 for replacing or fixing damaged or malfunctioning infrastructure and parts, such as out of warranty receivers.  New receivers are under a 1 year warranty (extended warranties available) and there is no charge for replacing receivers under warranty.  Upgraded receivers are available starting at $60 for a Wally, single tuner receiver and the installation is only $29.  If you opt out of this add-on, full charges for phone support and technician visits apply and receivers are available at MSRP.  We do strongly advise choosing this add-on if you have satellite TV because most HOAs will not cover repairs related to any parts inside of dwelling units.  Please see the complete list of available services and terms. 

There are two options for starting this monthly Tech Manager Satellite Television Support plan.  You can fill out this Network Upgrades form and make your plan choice OR you can purchase the 1st month of service here on the website.  You will then be emailed set up questions, an agreement with full terms of service for your signature, and an automatic payment form.

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