Best TVs Configured for STR Streaming

We believe that Roku TVs are the best all around choice for streaming.  But, they are especially the perfect television to equip your vacation rental property.  Look no further than the affordable, easy to use, Roku TV! This cutting-edge TV offers an easy-to-use streaming experience with access to thousands of streaming channels. Not only is it compatible with most streaming services, but it provides guests with a better viewing experience while being simple to set up in any home. Roku TVs are the best choice for vacation rental properties and they benefit both owners and guests alike when it comes to providing an enjoyable stay at your STR, VRBO, Airbnb, condo, or vacation property.

Follow these recommendations for a good streaming experience in your short term rental unit:

1.  All TVs should be the same and have the same configuration.  DON'T put one brand of a (complicated) smart TV in the living room, a streaming stick in the master, and then an old TV connected to a broken VCR with a missing remote in the bunk room. Your guests will hate this and get very frustrated.

2.  Choose a TV with a simple to use interface.  This is why we like Roku TVs.

3.  Don't have too many devices.  While we do like streaming sticks for personal use, a TV with a streaming stick is more complicated than one, simple Roku TV.  

4.  Minimize your number of remotes. Remotes get lost in rental units.  And TV remotes are all different by brand (which makes things complicated).  If you use a streaming stick, you will have to have two different remotes.  Guests will need the TV remote to change inputs and utilize the sleep feature.

5.  Don't use your personal logins with streaming services connected to your personal credit cards.  This is a recipe for disaster.  The Roku TV can be put in "Guest Mode" and guests use their own logins.  They are logged out after they leave.  Your TV can be configured with free streaming content, but if you would like to provide access to a paid streaming service, such as Sling TV, you can give them the login and password information (printed on instructions next to the TV).  This account should not be linked to a personal email address or personal credit card, but should be linked to an email address and credit card that is ***just for your rental unit***.  

6.  Last tip: subscribe to Tech Manager and let us worry about setting it up correctly and supporting it all for a worry free and enjoyable stay!