About Us

Do Anything, Go Anywhere... At Goodnight Electronics, we sell the electronics products and tech services that provide freedom and help you to innovate in your personal life and your business. We specialize in satellite internet and tv so that you can be connected and entertained wherever you're at, or mobile technology to launch your small business to the next level, we've got that!  We also have the basic items for your connected life such as cables, connectors, ear phones, speakers, modems, routers and more.  And we can help you figure out how to use it all!

We are located in the beautiful mountains of northern New Mexico in the Moreno Valley.  Our showroom is located in Angel Fire, NM in the Pinewood Plaza shopping center.  We are on the west side of Mountain View Blvd. (Hwy 434, the main road through Angel Fire) between the post office and the hardware store.  Our tech services are available to residents of northern New Mexico, but we are happy to ship our products to anywhere in the U.S.  We love technology; it opens up a world of opportunity, but brings us all a little closer together.  We can do business with someone from our little mountain community or from across the country, and treat all of our customers like neighbors.

If you are in our area, please visit us in our showroom:
Goodnight Electronics in Pinewood Plaza
3453 Hwy 434, Ste C
Angel Fire, NM  87710
Open Monday - Friday 9 AM until 2 PM
(you can also schedule an appointment for after 2 PM)

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