DISH TV Troubleshooting at Condo Properties

This information ONLY pertains to Dish bulk programming at condominium properties (where the entire property has one account and receives the same programming).  If you have a RESIDENTIAL account, please call Dish customer support at 800-333-3474.  Be ready with your account number and four digit pin.


If your receiver has been unused or unplugged for a period of time, you may have lost your channels and you will need to call Dish Network to have your program guide and channels redownloaded.  This is called “sending a hit”.  If the TV screen just shows Dish channel 101, your receiver needs to receive a hit from the satellite.  (If no channels are showing at all, the TV may be on the wrong input and that is a different problem.)  When you call Dish, you will need to have the R Number and S Number for your receiver.  Following is how to obtain those numbers:

Locating Receiver Number:

Press the “Menu” button on the remote control (gray button, top left).

Press #6, “System Setup”

Press #1, “Installation”

Press #3, “System Info”.

You will see the R number and the S number.  You will need the R number and may be asked for the S number as well.

Alternative Method:

Identify the System Info button on your receiver.  It is either visible on the front panel or behind a plastic door on the front of the receiver.

Press the System Info button.

The screen with the R Number and S Number will be displayed.

Next, call Dish:

Call the Dish MDU department (multi-dwelling properties) 888-580-6656.

Tell them your property name and tell them you need to have a hit sent because your receiver has been unused and has lost its channels.

Give them your receiver’s R number and S number.

They will tell you if the hit has been sent or if it will take some time (sometimes that department can be delayed in sending a hit).

After the hit has been sent, unplug your receiver for 10 seconds and then plug it back in.

Your receiver will start “acquiring signal”.

The program guide and channels will then start downloading.  This should take about 5 minutes. 

If this does not resolve your problem, call Goodnight Electronics at 575-377-2817.  Please be advised that if we send a technician, there may be a service call charge.