DISH TV Troubleshooting at Condo Properties

This information ONLY pertains to Dish bulk programming at condominium properties (where the entire property has one account and receives the same programming).  If you have a RESIDENTIAL account, please call Dish customer support at 800-333-3474.  Be ready with your account number and four digit pin.


TV Problem #1: Most common problem, TV has lost channels and is only showing 101 and PPV

If your receiver has been unused or unplugged for a period of time, you may have lost your channels and you will need to call Dish Network to have your program guide and channels redownloaded. This is called “sending a hit”. If the TV screen just shows Dish channel 101, your receiver needs to receive a hit from the satellite. (If no channels are showing at all, the TV may be on the wrong input and that is a different problem.) When you call Dish, you will need to have the R Number and S Number for your receiver. Following is how to obtain those numbers:

Locating Receiver Number:

Press the “Menu” button on the remote control (gray button, top left). Press #6, “System Setup”

Press #1, “Installation” Press #3, “System Info”.

You will see the R number and the S number. You will need the R number and may be asked for the S

number as well.

Alternative Method:

Identify the System Info button on your receiver. It is either visible on the front panel or behind a plastic door on the front of the receiver.

Press the System Info button.

The screen with the R Number and S Number will be displayed.

Next, call Dish:

Call the Dish MDU department (multi-dwelling properties) 888-580-6656.

Tell them your property name and tell them you need to have a hit sent because your receiver has been unused and has lost its channels. If they ask for your account number, tell them you don’t have it and that you are at a bulk programming property, but you can give them the receiver number.

Give them your receiver’s R number and S number.

They will tell you if the hit has been sent or if it will take some time (sometimes that department can be delayed in sending a hit).

After the hit has been sent, unplug your receiver for 10 seconds and then plug it back in. Your receiver will start “acquiring signal”.

The program guide and channels will then start downloading. This should take about 5 minutes.

TV Problem #2: TV shows message generated from receiver that says "complete signal loss".

This could be due to the fact that there is a part unplugged called a power inserter. It may be in a different unit and is near the receiver. There is one power inserter for every 4 Dish connected televisions at your property. If it is unplugged, you will not have a signal. If there is a power inserter unplugged, it can bring down up to 12 units because multiple switches rely on the power from a power inserter in the beginning of a cascade of switches. Contact your property manager to make sure that neighboring power inserters are plugged in. You can ask your closest neighbors whether or not they have TV signal and if they have unplugged anything. Sometimes people unplug power inserters to plug other things in such as cell phone chargers and game systems. Please do not unplug anything that you cannot identify, especially not anything close to your TV and receiver!

TV Problem #3: TV is on wrong input. TV will generate a "no signal" message (this is different from a "complete signal loss" message that comes from the receiver).

Your receiver is most likely connected to one of your HDMI inputs. (Primary receivers are connected to an HDMI input, but it is possible that secondary TVs are on a different input). An “input” is the connection where your TV signal comes into, or where the receiver is “plugged in”. If you have other things connected to your TV, such as a DVD player or gaming system, the source input may have been changed and you have to get your TV back to the correct input to see the Dish programming from your receiver. Look for an “input” or “source” button on your TV remote. There is usually an input button on your TV as well. Toggle through the inputs until you come to a Dish screen.

TV Problem #4: Receiver Failure

Receivers occasionally need to be replaced. There is a one year warranty on receivers and if a receiver needs to be replaced, there will be a cost. Currently, there are ViP model receivers in most units. If a receiver needs to be replaced, we are now replacing them with the current model family of receivers which is either a “Wally” (the single tuner HD replacement for a ViP 211) or a “Hopper” (the HD DVR replacement for a 722). You can purchase receivers and pay for a one time service call or you can purchase a monthly Tech Manager plan that will provide low cost equipment and tech support.  Please call or text Goodnight Electronics for details.

We can ship a receiver and if a person is somewhat tech-savy, it is possible to self-install the receiver. We have a limited number of used receivers that can be picked up and self installed if it is a simple receiver swap with no other technical problems.

To self install your replacement receiver (new or used) you will have to call the Dish commercial department that handles bulk accounts for MDUs (multi dwelling properties) at 888-580-6656.  DO NOT call the regular Dish residential phone number.  Tell them your property name and that you need to replace a malfunctioning receiver. If they ask for your account number, tell them you don’t have it and that you are at a bulk programming property, but you can give them the receiver number.  They can look up the account with the receiver numbers.  You have to give them the R number and the S number for the malfunctioning receiver and tell them to deactivate it. AND THEN give them the R number and the S number of the receiver you are replacing it with.  See "Locating Receiver Number" above.  If your malfunctioning receiver is completely dead, you should be able to find the R number printed on the outside of the receiver.  You will see a long number that starts with an R and has a barcode underneath.  The S number is on the smartcard which is a credit card sized card inserted into a card slot found behind a small door on the front of the receiver.  After dish deactivates the malfunctioning receiver and replaces it with the replacement receiver on the account, they will have to send a "hit" to the receiver which will cause the subscribed programming to download onto the receiver.  You will also have to program the remote.  After you have successfully swapped the receiver, please call or text Goodnight Electronics with the receiver numbers so that we can update our files.

If the above steps do not resolve your problem, call Goodnight Electronics at 575-377-2817.  Please be advised that if we send a technician, there may be a service call charge.