Managed WiFi Installation and Maintenance

What is the process for installing a managed WiFi system?

The installation of a managed WiFi system will include the following services and materials:

• Conduct a site survey for the fastest internet connection, and obtain quotes from local ISPs (internet service providers) if the property doesn't already have a connection. In northern New Mexico, that will almost always be Kit Carson fiber optic internet.  In Colorado, a cable or fiber optic connection (offered by several different providers) will be obtained.

• Conduct a detailed site survey and design a plan for the network equipment. 

• Connect a Ubiquiti UXG commercial gig speed router to an ISP connection point, distributing high speed internet throughout the condominium property.

• Install weatherproof enclosures to protect components.

• Trench cable or install antennas and receivers for properties with multiple buildings.

• Run ethernet cable to dwelling units.

• Install managed switches.

• Install WiFi 6 access points in dwelling units according to site design.

• Program the property wide system for performance, allowing private network upgrades for individual units.  Unit owners will be contacted individually.

• Host the system on an offsite server for monitoring and performing regular firmware updates, and making programming changes as necessary to optimize the system.

What will this cost my property to install?

Every property is different and some installations are easier and some are more complex.  After a site survey, we can give your property a detailed estimate.  Just to give a ballpark idea to properties who are considering installing a system, on average, a property with 15 dwelling units could expect to spend approximately $5000 on the initial installation, or $300-$350 per dwelling unit, depending on a number of factors.

What is involved in maintaining the system and what will it cost?

After the installation phase, there will be a monthly monitoring and maintenance fee (may be invoiced quarterly) that covers the cost of hosting, maintaining and updating the firewall for security purposes, establishing network access policies with user authentication protocols (passwords), monitoring and troubleshooting any issues related to network connectivity or performance; utilizing network tools such as dpi (deep packet inspection), implementing current QoS (quality of service) standards for network traffic, maintaining backup files and schematics in case of data loss or system failure, and having technicians and engineers available for remote repair and on site repairs related to the network hardware, power problems, or ISP (internet service provider) issues. Ordinary cost is $5 per piece of hardware (router, switches, access points).

Upgrades and tech support plans are available for individual unit owners and residents who would like to have a virtual private network or a physical private network. A physical private network would provide options to owners and residents for hardwiring devices (such as computers or smart TVs). Supporting individual owners, residents, and their guests with network use issues and device troubleshooting is provided for with basic support plans offered to owners and residents and is not covered by the property monitoring and maintenance plan (services outlined in the preceding paragraph). Available owner upgrades and tech support plans are available here.

Great, how do I get the ball rolling?

Call us to schedule a no obligation site survey and we will submit a quote to your property.

During installation, we will follow standard safety protocols as well as local codes and regulations. We will be respectful of property owners and their guests, taking care to not disturb them during the installation process.

A 50% deposit is required to commence the project and the balance will be due upon completion. We request a renewable 5 year service contract and right of entry agreement. We will submit the contract for review by the property or HOA upon the acceptance of an estimate. We hope to work with your property to install a reliable, optimized WiFi system for the benefit of all owners, residents and guests.