Streaming TV Gone Wrong

Dallas Dave and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Streaming Experience

Imagine, your guest, Dallas Dave, comes in from a long day of Texas shredding on the mountain. He wants to unwind with his family watching his favorite college football team play. He turns on your smart TV and tries to log in to his streaming account, only to find that his password isn't working. He tries again and again, but no luck. He goes over to the master bedroom TV, thinking he'll have better luck there. But, that TV is completely different and it is stuck on his kids' Xbox screen. "How do I change this daggum thing?" he mutters. And then he fumbles around to find a remote to control the TV to no avail (it ended up in the trash somehow wrapped up in his toddler's diaper). He wonders if he can find somebody to help him sort out the hodgepodge of TVs and remotes.

He goes back to mess around with the living room TV. He's about to give up when he gets a strange idea. He remembers his old mountain-biking buddies who used to enter passwords as if it were a song lyric. So he types in the words “The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas.”

He thinks that will do the trick, but suddenly the TV screen flashes with an error message saying “Error: Password too long. Please try again." Dave just sits there, scratching his head and muttering to himself "What is this? A TV for cowboys?"

He tries several more things and finally gets it to work. As the Texas fight song blares out of the speakers, Dave and his family celebrate with a cold one (well, maybe not the toddler). Crisis averted!

Moral of the story: Sometimes streaming tv services are as frustrating as lassoing a bull in Texas heat. Alway make sure your guests have instructions ahead of time. Make sure the smart TVs are all the same and simple to use (we recommend Roku TVs, not streaming sticks). Make sure your guests know their passwords ahead of time and you have provided good content to watch in case they can't access theirs. Lastly, make sure they have quick and competent help available with Tech Manager service or you may have one frustrated guest and a wild ride ahead. Yeehaw!