Tech Manager Services for Condos, STRs, VRBOs & Airbnbs - Reliable Internet, 24/7 Support & More

Why do I need Tech Manager service for my condo or apartment unit?

• Enjoy 24/7 tech support and advanced troubleshooting for your condo, for you, your family, and your guests for short term rentals.

• Get worry free, reliable Internet connection with a private network tailored to fit your needs; our private networks eliminate tech support headaches for owners and property managers (who usually aren't tech support experts).

• Save time and money with easy access to firmware updates and security upgrades.

• Offer superior customer experience when renting out on STR, VRBO or Airbnb through our comprehensive guest support services.

• Receive expert installations of new hardware, such as streaming devices, in order to keep up with the latest technology.  We can help with getting your streaming TV working flawlessly!


We have installed a property wide WiFi network at your property with an enterprise grade high-performance Gigabit router, delivering robust security and advanced routing features. This router brings a fiber internet connection to your property and WiFi internet is distributed throughout the property with switches and access points. There is a network name and password which is valid throughout the property. 

You can choose to continue using the WiFi as it is or upgrade to the Tech Manager service, which will give you a private network, 24/7 self serve tech support, live technicians and engineers during business hours, and advanced troubleshooting for you, your family, and guests if you use your condo as a short term rental, VRBO, or Airbnb. You can pick either a virtual private network or a physical private network. A virtual one has its own name and password just for your condo, but you may share an access point with a nearby unit. A physical private network comes with a switch for hard-wired devices plus an access point with its own name and password just for your condo. Smart TVs are an example of a type of device that benefits from being hardwired- no more disconnecting from the WiFi in the middle of streaming a favorite show or the big game! 

Having a private network for your condominium will give you access to tech experts who can help at the device level if something goes wrong with the WiFi or somebody just can't figure out their tech. Our chat and self serve tech support portal is available 24/7 and will resolve many common technical issues and if you need further assistance, you can report your problem and schedule a phone appointment with a technician. Our team of live technicians and advanced support engineers are available by appointment with flexible hours to do advanced troubleshooting on your network and devices. If your problem cannot be resolved remotely, we will send out a technician for an in person service call at an affordable cost. 

You will fill out a property profile which will give us information about the tech devices in your condo that you want us to support. This will be used to generate a comprehensive report that details the make and model of each device, as well as any applicable license numbers, subscription plans, or passwords. We use this information to connect our support team with your specific devices so they can quickly diagnose and fix tech issues. But don't worry if you don't have some information that we've asked for- we can still complete your profile and will be able to access your device remotely (only with your authorization) if you require advanced support. Also, some devices are not permanently on site (such as guest devices or owner devices that come and go), so having those devices inventoried is not necessary. An example of a device that is helpful to have inventoried is a smart TV. 

Your property profile will also let us know if you rent out your condo as a short term rental, VRBO, or Airbnb. We can support the devices your guests bring in to use on the network. A guest may need help with something like connecting their laptop to the WiFi, or they may need help late at night with the living room TV that isn't working- let us take those late night calls, not you! Our team will be there to provide friendly and fast service so your guests have a great stay. We can connect with your guest calendar or you can manually send us reservation information. We will send an email and a text message with the WiFi password and basic instructions, including anything on your property profile, such as a Roku TV or streaming TV stick. Your guest will then have our contact information in a text or email for tech support issues. 

The Tech Manager service also includes device upgrades and installations. Firmware updates and security updates are done remotely on a regular basis as part of our service. If you have a private physical network, when new hardware becomes available, we can come out on site to upgrade your switch or access point. We can also remotely install new software and perform security updates on the devices in your property profile. 

We are here to make sure you have reliable Internet, 24/7 tech support, advanced troubleshooting, plus device upgrades and installations - all backed by our team of expert technicians and engineers.