Condo 2 Room with Hopper Duo and Wireless Joey

By Dish

This configuration provides a Hopper Duo and a Wireless Joey.  This can be put in place if you would like two TVs and are replacing an existing receiver in the main room.  The Hopper Duo will be wired, but the wiring is already in place because of the initial installation.  The Joey is Wireless and requires a part called a Wireless Access Point.  The Wireless Joey can be added whether or not you have wiring for a second TV.  This configuration will require no changes to the outside dish or other outside parts for the bulk system at your condominium complex.  You will receive three pieces of hardware with this order- a Hopper Duo, a Wireless Joey, and a Wireless Access Point.  You will also receive the Voice Remote with Google Assistant.  You can see details for the Hopper Duo on the Goodnight Satellite website.  After you receive your receivers, we will provide free phone support for the installation or we can provide a phone number for a local technician to install the receivers.  You will continue to receive the bulk programming that your HOA is providing.
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