Condo 1 Room with Dish Wally

By Dish

If you have a ViP 211 receiver and would like to upgrade to the new receiver model family, choose the Wally.  The Wally is a single tuner HD receiver.  This is a basic HD receiver with no DVR.  It is simple to operate, which is beneficial if you rent out your condo.  You will receiver HD programming on one TV.  If you would like a Wally for a bedroom or any other secondary room, please call us first at 575-377-2817 to see if there is wiring already in place.  If you are adding a receiver, but not replacing an existing receiver, you will need to schedule a technician visit to run wiring, and connect to a switch with an open port.  It may be necessary to add a switch and possibly to add another dish.  At this time, if you don't have existing wiring, and desire a bedroom TV where one doesn't previously exist, we are advising customers to upgrade to a Hopper Duo and Wireless Joey.  After you receiver your Wally receiver, we will provide phone support for installation or provide the phone number for a local technician.
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