Eero Pro WiFi System- Whole Home WiFi

By P10

This is a little more than a WiFi router.  It is a "mesh" system with base units that we will install in several places so that your entire home is covered.  The system is expandable and can cover any sized home.  This is a very powerful system and works with ViaSat satellite internet (may be a touch more powerful than what is needed for satellite internet), CenturyLink DSL, and Kit Carson fiber.  If you do have Kit Carson fiber, this is a highly recommended system.  There is an app that allows you to monitor your WiFi from your smartphone.   The other advantage to this system is that we can monitor your system for you!  This is perfect for the vacation home owner and anyone else who wants to ensure that their WiFi is functioning optimally.  The Eero Pro WiFi comes with three eero units.  Additional eeros or beacons are available for very large homes.  After the first eero (which is connected to your modem), each additional eero can be installed as part of a mesh wireless system or it can be hard wired with ethernet cable. This is recommended for a 3-5 bedroom home operating 20+ internet connected devices.
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